1.2 - Max Haubold English 102 Allingham Mwf 8am Haubold 1...

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Max Haubold Haubold 1 English 102 Allingham Mwf 8am 1.2 Feeder -- Identify the major claims that are being made and try to draw out several assumptions or premises that underlie them. The output of greenhouse gases by the world is starting to affect the welfare of more than just the environment itself. Global warming is affecting the economy of many tourist heavy areas, as it is making these attractions less desirable. In areas surrounding the equator, places are becoming much too hot for visitors to find attractive. With temperatures soaring, tourists are deterred from making extended stays to areas such as the Mediterranean. Less cloud cover has also been experienced in places such as Australia, causing an increased risk in skin cancer. Coral reefs are also affected as sea levels rise, which destroys their ecosystems. These effects of global warming jeopardize the economies of many countries which rely on tourism. This means not only the warm beaches, but also cold areas which rely on the temperature for business, such as ski resorts, which are having trouble with shortened seasons of operation, due to increasing temperature. These things, along with the downfall of the general environment, is also discouraging many animal watchers, killing the business of many places of exhibit (Rudolf 2007). -- What kind of information is being presented as evidence, or backing, for these claims? Yearly average temperatures are being brought to the table, as well as hypotheses of
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1.2 - Max Haubold English 102 Allingham Mwf 8am Haubold 1...

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