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Required Report 1 - Haubold 1 Max Haubold MUSC145 Due March...

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Haubold 1 Max Haubold MUSC145 Due March 6th Required Report 1 This past weekend I went home to visit my family. While there, I decided to head to the beach to listen to some live jazz. Although there is not much live jazz this time of year on the Outer Banks, my girlfriend and I managed to find a small restaurant named The Marina, which featured “Robbie Vanson and band”. This was Saturday March 1 st . The band was not large, only a small combo, however their unspoken communication really struck me, as they seemed to move fluidly through sets without “real” talking. The combo consisted of a drummer, guitarist, bass player, vocalist, and tenor saxophone. The music they played was mainly blues, as I could count the 12 bar progression and hear the changes (I play) being just several elementary patterns. It is necessary to break down the group to explain the feel of the music. Being a small group, all the players really played out to be heard. In looking at each one individually, I could see that the group was definitely not a marching band. Each player swayed and jammed his own way, however the silent communication locked them into one another to let out the music. Obviously the drummer was keeping things together with a solid (not straight, but consistent) rhythm, however there was more of a connection. The bass player never played any chord change the same way, but kept the chords themselves intact, and retained the walking bass line blues feel. The guitarist really kept a lower profile, only using his technique in areas where
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Required Report 1 - Haubold 1 Max Haubold MUSC145 Due March...

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