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Required Report 3 - Haubold 1 Max Haubold MUSC145 Due April...

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Haubold 1 Max Haubold MUSC145 Due April 24 th “The Festival” Required Report 3 This report is a continuation of the weekend mentioned in my last report. During the summer months, it is not uncommon for various establishments on the Outer Banks of North Carolina to hold weekly or biweekly festivals or gatherings to attract tourists. This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend one of these, and see the Currituck Country Jazz Band perform. This was on Saturday, the 19 th of April. For those knowledgeable about the area, it was one of the many attractions to the Whalehead Club Festival. The group was a larger group, in contrast with the other small combos I have reported on in the past. It consisted of a full rhythm section, 6 trumpets, 5 saxophones, and 4 trombones. The group seemed to be the Swiss army knife of jazz bands in their repertoire of songs they played. As such, it is difficult to pin a specific style onto the band. I picked out several different things which could have been influenced by more general common jazz styles. To begin, the number of musicians was a hint at a style. Obviously there is somewhat of a big band atmosphere created by all those performers. In one of the songs they did, called Perdido, the band opens with a giant fanfare like opening, with all the horns blasting. I am not sure if this has a correlation to the Perdido we studied in class, as it was much different, stylistically. The way they played, though, was what made it have a big band sound. Each section had its own line to add to the music. There was smaller emphasis on the individual, in
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Haubold 2 comparison to the combo groups I have reported on. Upon close examination though, I did notice
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Required Report 3 - Haubold 1 Max Haubold MUSC145 Due April...

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