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Max Haubold Complete your approach dialog script: –Who you are Max Haubold –What do you want ? Looking for a job as a software reviewer on Benchmark Reviews –What is the value for the executive? By expanding the reviewed material on the site, it will generate more traffic and therefore more money through advertisement. –Use an internal reference (if possible) Olin Coles, the hardware review manager Hello, my name is Max Haubold. I was referred to you by Olin Coles, who believes that I may be
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Unformatted text preview: able to generate more revenue for your company. The expansion of your website to include a dedicated Software review authority such as myself can increase advertising space, and therefore, money by 30%. Such an expansion also will incur a minimal time penalty, as the demand for advertising space on review sites is extremely high. That being said, there is little risk for the company, and no reason not to sample such an idea. -last part awkwardly worded, --Talk better...
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