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Max Haubold 1. -Prior to reconstruction, the Hill Rom sales force utilized the same selling strategy for all customers, despite needs or wants. More clearly, the Hill Rom sales force was trying to sell products and services to people would did not need them. There was overlapping coverage in some of the areas, and they focused on the size of the firm to decide how much effort to put into a sale. 2. -Prior to reconstruction, Hill Rom segregated their customers based on the size of the firm. This was determined by the number of staffed beds and medical care specialties. They assumed that the bigger firms would set aside more money for newer technologies, and also purchase products more often. 3. -They found that they could create a better segmentation model, grouping customers into those who wanted newer technologies, and those who wanted the “good enough” products. Their resource allocation was previously skewed, as they found that they were trying to sell and serve both of these groups in the same fashion. Because of
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