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Sales Presentation

Sales Presentation - -They will be able to operate normally...

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Sales Presentation Preparation Customer: Woking Hospital Outcome: Have them agree to try out several of our better beds and get back to us in a month to tell us what features they liked. People: Chief Nurse- Full featured, easy to use, user friendly, employee safety Hospital Admin: Affordable, quick, specific/customize, feel important, engaged Messages: -Convey sense of importance (more so than transactional) -Willing to spend time/customize/collaborate -Remember that we one ready to take steps (further)-(ex: beds) -We are committed Flow: -Outcome- More consultative -Problem: In the past we’ve been transactional, but we realize the strain of renovation- shoulder some of the burden -Normal operations while renovating -Try out products, tell us what you like, support team (inform, how to use, benefits)
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Unformatted text preview: -They will be able to operate normally, while renovating-Based on trial period we want to establish a support team Detail:-Have you experienced any problems w/ past renovations?-How concerned are you that you will not be able to carry on with normal operations as you undergo renovations?-Is it worrying to have such a high level of pressure?- Open: How happy have you been with our products in the past?-Would having a partner to help shoulder the burden of this strenuous process help better facilitate this renovation? Collateral Needed:-At least 5 people-Have previous experience with customer; however we want to present a new face. Practise: Prep the customer:-Projector-How many people should we plan on passing out info to? I couldn’t read the last one...
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