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Max Haubold Siebel Systems 1. The dilemma faced by Greg Carman is to which of his clients will he cater to. While negotiating a $2.1 million deal with Quick & Reilly, the company was bought by FleetBoston, who now wants to veto the deal. Should he appease FleetBoston, or make the large sale to the other company? If he goes through with the sale, he has sold $2.1 million, but could have jeopardized future sales with the larger company, FleetBoston. If he supports the veto, he has lost a sale, but could possibly secure FleetBoston’s support more so in the future. On this side, though, there is no guarantee of this, whereas the $2.1 million sale is more dependable. 2. At the first meeting with Quick & Reilly Carman learned that the Quick & Reilly pair was in need of the software. They were in the market to buy, and did not know what systems and software were out there to meet their needs. Because they asked about Oracle, which normally happens later in the sales process, it could be extrapolated that they are in the business for product right now, and do not want to wait around. They had been working with a small software firm, but needed something bigger due to competition.
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Siebel-MaxHaubold - Max Haubold Siebel Systems 1. The...

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