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Gender Identity Gender Identity is a person’s sense of identification as a male or female. This usually is developed at a young age, commonly before the third birthday. Brief- Originally coined to explain gender reassignment to the public, “Gender Identity” is used to distinguish psychological association from physiological and sociological aspects of gender. Professionals believe that this is affected by genetics, prenatal hormonal, postnatal social, and post pubertal hormonal determinants. Biological factors include the influence of testosterone and gene regulation on brain cells. Symptoms of those facing gender identity problems include: - Prefer cross-dressing - Insist that they are of the other sex - Intensely and persistently desire to participate in games and activities associated with the other sex - Have negative feelings toward their genitals
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Unformatted text preview: Ways of dealing with Gender Identity disorder or confusion vary. For some, treatment may not be required, granted that the disorder does not cause psychological distress or trouble functioning in society. Some try and deal with gender identity problems by changing roles in society, toward those that they feel more attuned to. In addition to cross dressing and role changing, some receive hormone injections to cause breast growth and other bodily changes. In the more extreme cases, gender reassignment surgery is used to change the genitals. This could entail removal of a penis and creation of an artificial vagina, or removal of breasts and addition of an artificial penis. Information from- Brown, George. "Gender Identity." Merck Manuals . 2007. 27 Oct 2008 <>....
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