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Leadership - Haubold 1 Max Haubold PLRC Section 8...

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Haubold 1 Max Haubold PLRC- Section 8 09/29/2008 Leadership Being in a leadership role has many facets, especially a role such as resident advisor. This role can be a leader for anything from a hall to the whole campus. To be successful, however, a leader must realize the structure of the organization, their own learning style and how to apply it, and be able to fully communicate within the group. As a Resident Advisor, I utilize friendship to create a structure in my organization. By doing this, I can be involved with my residents, and be more approachable. “The Leadership Challenge” by Kouzes and Posner detail a story of a new manager, who simply takes the time to notice things, which makes all the difference. Entering a place she does not fully understand, Lindsay Levin is able to better grasp what needs to be done, by spending time with(and videotaping) the employees (Kouzes and Posner). My approach is similar, in that I get involved to be informed. I can tell if a roommate conflict is due to the stated reason, or if something externally happened to where one of the two is just upset. I find it is easier to create an organization if it is not “ruled”, but simply there. This also correlates to approachability. Making use of emotional intelligence, it is possible to find how people will react to different atmospheres. By this I mean, know those you talk to and it will be easier to talk to them. For me, I can much better connect with residents if I talk to each of them differently. Some residents want me to just say high around campus and do not like conversations of any substantial length. Other residents like to come into my room and talk about everything, like a vent. I feel these different types of communication are crucial in the organization, as it assures that everyone has a voice in their own, chosen way. This is in concurrence with Thomson’s article, where he asserts “Communication is also a basic tool for motivation, which can improve morale of the employees
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Haubold 2 in an organization. Inappropriate or faulty communication among employees or between manager and his subordinates is the major cause of conflict and low morale at work.” Now, obviously we are not discussing “work”, however the core of an organization remains the same (Thomson). As a Resident Advisor, I find it of great import that I make a difference. Doing so requires that I make an impression on my residents, who learn things from me. The article by Kolb and Kolb goes into great depth on different learning styles. My learning style is diverging,
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