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Haubold Max Haubold Planned Paper 2 11/10/08 Section 8 Understanding the New Students Realizing the differences in generational culture, it is obvious that this new generation brings revolutionary changes touching everything, most noticeably how we learn. Generation Y, or “Millennials” bring new approaches to learning, involving technology and an actual shift in thinking. Where older generations brought a logical process to problem solving, new learners aged eighteen to twenty seven bring the “Nintendo” approach. This is outlined by a hands-on trial and error sequence, where they find more is learned through actually doing something, rather than just hearing and remembering facts. In response to this new culture, how can colleges and universities react? It is clear that technology now plays a major role in society, with 94% of students today reporting that they utilize the internet as a source of research. Schools such as MIT even use the internet to make labs more available to students (Oblinger). Many schools disperse emails and messages to students via several modes of communication such as text messaging and instant messaging. These mediums have become popular due to the Millennials’ need for immediate gratification and impatience. Used to 24-7 service in most everything, internet availability and multiple connectivity options are very appealing to Generation Y members (Oblinger).
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Planned Paper 2 - Haubold Max Haubold Planned Paper 2...

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