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What are my skills? Up to this point in my life, I have not had too much experience speaking and writing to large groups. I have however, developed some skills in one on one speaking and communication. These skills have developed through personal experiences, classes in business, and English classes throughout my life. Possibly some of the most influential, and therefore most valuable things have been learned in my latest english composition and selling strategies classes. In english, I developed a basic set of skills and a better understanding of how to structure a paper around a point and support my argument. My sales class gave me experience, and therefore confidence, in speaking with someone you don't know, and trying to "bring them to your side". I feel like this is an important skill, as we talked about relating to an audience today in class. Hopefully these bases in writing and speaking can be built off of in this class, and help me be successful when dealing with something more than a one on one situation. What do I plan to learn?
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