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MEMO To: Stephen Orton From: Max Haubold Date: June 22, 2009 Subject: Improving your bottom line through cultural differentiation and variability Utilizing a diverse group of people to meet a goal will enhance the results of any project. In our short time together, our class has experienced how teamwork, and the culmination of various ideas, can better achieve high results. In our classroom atmosphere, a team built of culturally varied people, linked by common interests and motives will prevail over one made slapdashedly and without reason. Course of Action Step 1: Assess - Utilize indicators such as the MBTI and SDI tests to help identify student skill sets and areas of excellence - Poll students for individual interests and life experiences to find links of common culture - Poll students to find out Major/Minor courses of study Step 2: Group - Form teams grouping students with complementary skills (Team needs individuals with unique skill sets) - Form groups of people who show possible similar individual interests and common
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