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MEM O To: Tara Hoopes From: Max Haubold Date: June 25, 2009 Subject: Optimal communication strategy regarding recent events The parties involved in the recent events require your immediate attention, and each with unique consideration. The communication strategy must be tailored to inhibit negative ramifications. Communicating with the right people at the proper time is imperative. Contact in this order will yield the most desirable effects: City Lawyer - Via fax, send the lawyer a short formal letter saying that you are looking into the matter. This prompt response will both sate the lawyer temporarily, giving you a chance to inform yourself, and negate the chances of providing a weak and uncertain front (2 way communication). Due to the expertise of the lawyer, a “formal” report is recommended. Captain Galati - Spoken word, rather than email, will show both your sincere interest and will gain results much quicker. Two way communication is necessary here, to both gain information on the problem and input advice based on the situation.
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