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Team Charter

Team Charter - Purpose Better accomplish goals than we...

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Purpose: Better accomplish goals than we could ourselves individually. Goals: Learning, performing, and conflict resolution. Grades, learning, life outcomes, aid each other to better learn and utilize the information given in class. Continue to improve out communication. Team Member Roles and Responsibilities: Max Haubold- Communication- Help communicate in the group, and to the professor Princeston Crisp- Facilitator- Help move the group in a direction, prevent getting stuck on one idea. Alex Shen- Conflict mediation- Help work within the group to prevent conflict by keeping everyone’s idea in mind. Sai Chu- Devil’s Advocate- Looks at problems from different viewpoints to generate ideas. Steven J Better (SB)- Data management- Brings together and helps analyze the data that we find and collect. Jessica Bruckert – “secretary”/note-taker- In class note taking, writing down our ideas and goals. Ground rules:
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