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Douglas Maximillian Haubold 713728358 Preffered name: Max Your goals for the course: In this course I hope to gain a better understanding for how any group interacts. Although this seems like a “well, duh” answer, I think that gaining more knowledge and experience with this area is invaluable. I think that this information is blind to a certain Major, or career goal, and will stay with me and help me throughout life. In my selling strategies class (BUSI 501), I caught what I think was my first glance of how an organization works. We learned about the differences between status (title) and influence, specifically in large corporations. In conjunction with this knowledge, I think a course that will teach me how a group can form and work together will be a valuable life skill. I hope that this class, utilized with my leadership communication class (also based on groups and how they work) will help me become a more successful person no matter what career choices I make. Your career interests and plans:
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