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Unformatted text preview: 1900-1939 • • • • • • Road to WWI o Militarism o Alliances o Nationalism o Imperialism o Assassination o Collection of Arms/Competition for technology World War I o New style of warfare (trenches, submarine, machine guns, tanks, poison gas) o Schlieffen Plan- move through Belgium, beat French, return to Eastern Front in 6 weeks. Fails because of strong and unanticipated Belgium resistance. o Russia withdraws from the war in 1918, allowing the German army to concentrate on the Western Front. However, at this point the United States enters the war. Aftermath of World War I o Treaty of Versailles o Guilt Clause o Wilson’s 14 Points Great Britain o Irish Question o Acquisition of colonies o British Commonwealth of Nations Rise of Fascism o Depression United States Weimar Republic o Mussolini March on Rome Blackshirts o Hitler Beer Hall Putsch Brownshirts Blackshirts o **Hitler and Mussolini both expand their powers LEGALLY** 1930’S o Japanese invasion of Manchuria and China o Spanish civil war o Reoccupation of Rhineland(1936) o Seizing of Austria and Czechoslovakia(1938) o Invasion of Poland ...
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