Brain Enhancement Paper Outline

Brain Enhancement Paper Outline - Goal: Prove that both...

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Goal: Prove that both sides, natural and artificial, and effective in brain enhancement regardless of moral and legal viewpoints. Inspire collaboration of experts in all fields to optimize breakthrough research. Facts - Both bring benefits (different impact, different ways, different duration) - People will not stop using the drugs. - Both sides want individuals and society to benefit. - Too much of anything is not good – i.e. all things in moderation - 1. Why cognitive enhancement? a. Increase test scores b. Increase productivity c. Increase knowledge 2. Background a. Types of intelligence REFERENCE #3 a.i. Fluid intelligence refers to the general ability to solve new problems and recognize unfamiliar patterns. (APPLICATION) a.ii. Crystalized intelligence consists of particular kinds of knowledge. (INFORMATION) b. How recall works b.i. Dopamine b.ii. Synapsis c. Statistics 3. TYPES a. Natural a.i. Exercise a.ii. Video games a.ii.1. Positive a.ii.2. negative a.iii. ________ b. Artificial b.i. Adderall/Riddelin b.i.1. Positive b.i.2. negative b.ii. Provigil THIS IS BRAND OF Madifinil b.ii.1. Positive b.ii.2. Negative 4. The Dispute: Only Natural or Pro-Drug a. ONLY Natural Arguments a.i. Not ‘invasive’ a.ii. ‘natural’ a.iii. More long-term a.iv. Available to most/all a.v. Non-Medical use of prescription drugs is illegal Human not ‘machine’ a.vii. Drugs – short term and inconclusive research
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Controlled risk (could be injured by too much exercise etc.) b. Pro-Drug b.i. Quick results – minimal effort b.i.1. For the individual b.i.2. For ‘society’ – see stats re 3% IQ increase – BIG BERTHA b.ii. No known severe side effect b.iii. Optimize machine/output b.iv. Drugs effectively used for medical purposes today b.v. Higher use might decrease cost of drug for all. Risks less controlled/unknown – may be high based on individual (i.e. hearth problems, etc.) 5. MEDIATION a. What do they want??? MUST HAVE………… a.i. Good health a.ii. Low risk AND Results – Cognitive Enhancement ////////NATURAL (control) a.iii. Availability a.iv. Results – Cognitive Enhancement/////DRUG (power) a.v. Make money - sell exercise equipment or drugs….or be successful on the job b. What resolution will get what both sides want?? b.i. CAN’T really enforce ‘rules’ b.ii. CAN you make a ‘maximum available’ (like rationing limit?) b.iii. DRAFT REGULATION b.iii.1. Both want cognitive enhancement b.iii.2. ‘Natural’ wants it to be low risk - Drug side agrees to minimize risk by: b.iii.2.a. Physician can prescribe for non-medical use and provides physical oversight at the Users expense. b.iii.2.b. “User’ must sign release for non-medical use and agrees they cannot sue physician for any negative impact. Beneficial for what youre not good at….
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Brain Enhancement Paper Outline - Goal: Prove that both...

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