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Brain Enhancement Summary

Brain Enhancement Summary - the use of illegal prescription...

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Tyler Fox English 250 9/5/11 Benedict Carey Summary Benedict Carey, a writer on science and medical topics, discusses the concept of brain enhancement in his article to the New York Times , “Brain Enhancement Is Wrong, Right?” The basis of the article depicts one particular drug of choice, Adderall, while touching on a few other brain simulating drugs. He defends both sides of the issue by quoting and referencing many credible professors and writings such as books and journals. Several of the professors that were interviewed admitted directly to the use of Adderall and other mental enhancing and stimulating drugs. Those of which who have admitted to their use had only positive things to say. They all agreed that using the prescription drugs had only bettered their performance and allowed them to achieve more at a given time than if they had not decided to use them. To back the argument of
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Unformatted text preview: the use of illegal prescription drugs as mental enhancers the article mentions the fact that many people use legal performance enhancers in their everyday life such as coffee and beta-blockers. The other side of the argument mainly states that the use of these drugs can and will lead to “misuse and abuse” (570). To some what go along with this “misuse and abuse” (570), the article discusses the idea that medicinal drugs are meant to help the sick, and should not, as Francis Fukuyama says, be used to “turn healthy people into gods” (570). Word count: 237 Work Cited Carey, Benedict. “Brain Enhancement Is Wrong, Right?” The Aims of Argument a Text and Reader. 7 th ed. Ed. Timothy W. Crusius and Carolyn E. Channell. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2011. 569-571. Print....
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