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Tyler Fox Lectures Assignment English 250 I choose to go to was Grant Imahara’s lecture. I wouldn’t quite call it a lecture because he wasn’t there to teach us. He was there to tell us about his career as an electrical engineer in the multi-media world. Over all it was a great time. He walked through his career from its start and shared stories and personal experiences with us through-out the night to get everyone excited for E-Week. The presentation started with him talking about the first company he worked for called Industrial Light and Magic. This is where he met Jamie Hyneman and started building his relationship with him which would eventually land him his most successful gig yet of being part of the “Build Team” on Mythbusters. He then moved on to talk about other Hollywood hits that
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Unformatted text preview: he played a major role in ranging from less popular Van Helsing to his most impressive Star Wars. He also briefly touched on his hobby of Battle Bots. Finally he rounded off his night with more stories about how he was the stand in for C-3PO when the original actor, Anthony Daniels, was not available. Grant used two of the rhetorical appeals, pathos and ethos, to their fullest potential during his time. He applied pathos in his sense of humor. He appealed to us, his audience, and kept us drawn in for the almost full 2 hours he presented because of this. He is also a very credible person. His life has been full of countless experiences that make him a master of his trade and educated beyond most....
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