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Comparison Paper - Sommariva 1 Nicholas Sommariva Maureen...

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Sommariva 1 Nicholas Sommariva Maureen McCarthy English 101_002 14 October 2011 Shitty First Draft Lehigh University’s digital archive, I Remain: A Digital Archive of Letters, Manuscripts, and Ephemera, has numerous letters written during the Cold War era. The United States was consumed with hysteria for communism and much of the political spheres were absorbed with any and every hint of communist activities. In June of 1949, retired major general Claire Lee Chennault wrote to Congressman Francis Walter about his fear for communism. Similarly, in 1957, John Edgar Hoover – the first director of the FBI – also wrote to Congressman Walter about communist activities. These two letters are similar in that they talk about communism and they are both written to the same person. These two letters, through their similarity, reveal the political focus and mass panic in the United States surrounding communism both on American soil and abroad. The first letter, written by Chennault, details his uneasiness about the rise of communism in China and its threat to America. Chennault refers to himself as somewhat of an expert on china. “As you know, I have been in intimate observation of the China situation for more than twelve years” (???). In 1949, Chennault already had the fear that most Americans would come to posses later in the 50s and 60s. He saw the rise of
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Comparison Paper - Sommariva 1 Nicholas Sommariva Maureen...

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