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Short Paper 1_Writing Historyclean

Short Paper 1_Writing Historyclean - a time or times in...

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Short Paper 1 Maureen McCarthy English 101_002 36 August 2011 Personal Writing History, 3-6 pages Write a true account of your history as a writer. Imagine you are writing for your classmates: you want to present your story in an interesting way, keep it appropriate, and have fun. Consider questions such as: When did you begin to write? What sorts of things did you write then (e.g., notes to friends, letters to Santa, in a diary)? What do you write now? Do you enjoy writing? If so, what do you enjoy about it? If not, what do you dislike about it? Is there
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Unformatted text preview: a time or times in your life when you tend to write more or less (e.g., when you travel, when in love)? Has writing taught you any life lessons? Do you remember any interesting anecdotes from your writing career? What would you like to write in the future? The goal of this paper is to clearly communicate your experiences as a writer. It will be graded as high pass (100 pts.), low pass (70 pts.), or fail/incomplete (0 pts.) DUE ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 nd...
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