F11-Peer Influences

F11-Peer Influences - Peer Influences I A Childhood Someone...

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Peer Influences I. What is a Peer? A. Childhood. Someone to play with. Age is important. B. Adolescence. Age less important. Groups become more important. C. Adulthood. Experiences and roles define peers. II. Increase in Peer Contact During Adolescence A. Was it always there? B. What caused the increase--age segregation? 1. Changes in school: a. Mandatory schooling. b. Extended age grading. 2. Changes in the work place: a. Child labor laws. b. Home no longer the work place. 3. Changes in the family. a. Smaller in ways discussed Ch. 8. b. Single parent. c. Two working parents--latchkey kids (Ch. 8). d. Maternal employment (Ch. 8). 4. All these changes segregated adolescents from adults. a. Benefits. b. Detriments. C. We created adolescence (and childhood):
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1. By fostering age segregation. 2. Institutionalizing it via media, expected behavior, etc. III. Peer Relations and Influences Time Alone Has Benefits—Maybe! A. Subordinate to parental influences. 1. Time is not equivalent to influence. 2. Parents long developmental history. 3. Parents’ choices of neighborhood, church, etc. influence peer choices. 4. Attachment to parents is related to peer relationships. B. Neither parent nor peer dominate in all areas 1. Parents--basic values. 2.
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F11-Peer Influences - Peer Influences I A Childhood Someone...

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