F11-Sexuality - Sexuality I. A. Thinking About Adolescent...

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Sexuality I. Thinking About Adolescent Sexuality A. An Aspect of Normative Adolescent Development. 1. Transition to adulthood sexuality. 2. Culturally specific transition. B. The Sexual Culture. 1. Mirrors views about sexuality within the broader culture. 2. Changes as cultural views about sexuality change. C. Developing a Sexual Identity. 1. Sexual values and behaviors. 2. Sexual identities and romantic relationships. II. Why is Sex a Concern During Adolescence? A. Biological changes 1. Visible evidence of sexual maturity. 2. Changes in heterosexual friendship patterns. 3. Increase in sex drive. B. Adolescent awareness of sexuality 1. Dating starts. 2. It is when we begin to experiment with sex. C. Societal/parental Concerns 1. Pregnancy. 2. Disease. 3. “Emotionally ready?” 4. Moral concerns. 5. Religious concerns.
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III. Heterosexual Attitudes and Behavior A. Two Progressions in Adolescent Sexual Behaviors. 1. Autoerotic to sociosexual. 2. Noncoital to coital. B. Trends and Incidence. 1. M > F. 2. Older > younger. 3. Inner city > incidence; earlier. 4. Big changes for females over last 30 years (generation). 5. But, ~20% no sex. Why?? C. Female and Male Sexual Scripts. D. Risk Factors for sexual problems. IV. Contraception and the Adolescent A. First intercourse: 1. About 3/4 use it-mostly condoms. 2.
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F11-Sexuality - Sexuality I. A. Thinking About Adolescent...

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