F11-The Self and Identity

F11-The Self and Identity - The Self and Identity I A Why...

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The Self and Identity I. Why Emphasize the Study of Self Views During Adolescence A. Physical change may cause changes in self views. 1. New body image. 2. Other’s changing reactions to the self. 3. Changing competencies and abilities relate to culturally defined roles--worker. B. Cognitive changes relate to how we view the self. C. Long history of interest in self views. 1. Freud. 2. Hall. 3. Erikson. 4. Key is integration of something new into the self. II. There are Multiple Self-views A. The 20 stmts. test (I Am. ...=Self-concept--dimensions on which we view the self (self-concept). 1. With age, more abstract answers (vocational roles, ideology, self-determination, psychic style). 2. Adolescents can ask ”Who am I?" and answer in more than concrete terms. B. Rate 1-5 as you generally feel--baseline self-esteem. C. Rate 1-5 as you feel right now--barometric self-esteem. D. Most feared/most want to be=possible selves. E. Statement of values=identity, guides your behavior. F. Other characteristics of self:
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1. Differentiation. 2. Real/ideal; true/false. 3. Self-consciousness. 4. Self-integration. III. All Are Means of Self Understanding. A.
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F11-The Self and Identity - The Self and Identity I A Why...

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