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F11-The Self and Identity (1) 4 - The Self and Identity I A...

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The Self and Identity I. Why Emphasize the Study of Self Views During Adolescence A. Physical change may cause changes in self views. 1. New body image.- 2. Other’s changing reactions to the self.- changes how we view ourselves. 3. Changing competencies and abilities relate to culturally defined roles--worker. We know we are changing. B. Cognitive changes relate to how we view the self. Allow us to look at ourselves and ask, what are we are going to be in the future. C. Long history of interest in self views. 1. Freud.- daughter —increase in sex drive (biology) 2. Hall.- change in self 3. Erikson.- identity during adolescent years. They all share this -- 4. Key is integration of something new into the self. II. There are Multiple Self-views A. The 20 stmts. test (I Am. ...=Self-concept--dimensions on which we view the self (self-concept). Different dimensions of self. 1. With age, more abstract answers (vocational roles, ideology, self-determination, psychic style). 2. Adolescents can ask ”Who am I?" and answer in more than concrete terms. Concreate responses drop ( hungry)
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B. Rate 1-5 as you generally feel--baseline self-esteem. ( how you generally view yourself). It changes slowly. Decreases when you change schools. It changes over the lifespan Self esteem on the graph never gets to zero. Self esteem never gets bad. It just goes down How you feel about yourself- self esteem. C. Rate 1-5 as you feel right now--barometric self- esteem. Base line self esteem brings or self esteem up and down. Self esteem goes and down D. Most feared/most want to be= possible selves- (help us deal with stress). Help us guide what we do E. Statement of values and ideads that guide behavior= identity , guides your behavior. It changes as we get older and develop Theses are all ways of -- F. Other characteristics of self: 1. Differentiation- see self at as just one thing, but in
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F11-The Self and Identity (1) 4 - The Self and Identity I A...

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