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health psy 2 - -Recurrent use resulting...

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Health- Compromising Behaviors : Smoking & drinking. Levels of drinking and intoxication Blood alcohol level: .01-0.5 percent- relaxation - euphoria .10-.15- impaired memory - motor function .20-.25 – slurred speech - stagger .35 and up – depressed respiration, coma, death .08- driking limit Alcohol and effect on behavior --- Cheerful and confident --- Behavior Disinhibition : you don’t care about how people receive you -------------aggression -------------risk taking ------------- STD’s and unwanted pregnancies Drinking Classification: Alcohol Use - enhanced socialbility …. Enjoyment - Light to moderate drinking may decrease heart disease At Risk Drinking- Binge drinking: 2x a month Heavy drinking : average of > 2 drinks per day for men and >1 for women Alcohol Abuse – metal health problem- in which and individual engages in dysfunctional drinking. ------Substance abuse
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-----------------------dysfunctional Drinking - Shown by 1 + of the following during 1 year:
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Unformatted text preview: -----------------------Recurrent use resulting social/interpersonal problem (fighting with family ,friend.) -----------------------Hazardous Use =----------------------Failure to function in major roles ------------------------ Legal problems ( caught drinking and driving) Alcohol dependence- Inability to stop Substance Dependence: Addicion--Tolerance & withdrawal Craving or Lack of control-----Environment Cues trigger intense Desire 3+ of the following in the same 12 -month period: 1.Drinking more or longer than intended 2. Persistent desire or unsuccessful effort to cut down or stop 3. A great deal of time spent on the drinking or getting over its effects 4. Important activities given up or reduced because of drinking 5. Important activities give up or reduced because of drinking 6. Tolerance 7. Withdrawal 8. Continued drinking despite knowledge of a serious physical or psychological problem ,...
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health psy 2 - -Recurrent use resulting...

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