Health psy 3

Health psy 3 - your around them. Cognitions and continued...

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Audit C- Alcohol Assessment: - How often did you drink - -How many drinks did you have on a typical day when you were drinking in a year - How often did you have six our more drinks on one occasion in the past year. CAGE – Have you ever felt like you ought to cut down on your drinking - Have people annoyed you by critizing you about drinking - -Have you ever felt guilty about drinking - Have you ever had an eye opener? Alcohol Use- Chronic Alcohol Use - Alcohol withdrawal - Delirium Tremens ( DT’s) Fetal Alcohol syndrome (FAS) Causes of Alcohol - Positive Affect Regulation - Alcohol------------------------- Excitement/ calmness - Negative affect Regulations ( tension reduction) - Alcohol--------------------------------- No stress/ No fear Stimulus Control - Expectation of reward---- - Friends, Neighborhood, Cigarettes,------ Alcohol---- Reward: Excitement/ calmness Stimuli will lead to greater reward … The more you hang out with the friends and drink, you will most likely drink when ever
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Unformatted text preview: your around them. Cognitions and continued use- Automatic Thoughts-relapse: I’m hopeless, I can never do this Belief-People like me when I’m drinking-I can drink and stay in control Smoking Scope-Single greatest cause of preventable death in the U.S account for about 1 in 5 deaths-increase the risk of many diseases and disorders Smoking prevalence is decreasing Dependence and Assessment – Definition & Measurement -DSM- IV: tolerance, withdrawal, craving & drug seeking stop smoking- withdrawal symptoms -Fagerstrom Nicotine Tolerance Questionaare Why do people smoke- -Smoking runs in families Monozygotic> Dizygotic-Slow vs. Fast Metabolism -Experimentation + Early consequences and Function : You get positive consequences from smoking -functional component—helps reduce stress --- Helps people feel alert---- to avoid weight gain ---- Factors associated with smoking in adolescents: Family and school influences Smoking and Media –...
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Health psy 3 - your around them. Cognitions and continued...

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