Obesity and health 5

Obesity and health 5 - vigorous activity 3 days a week--50%...

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Obesity and health What to do about obesity: dieting approaches Restricting types of food: ---weight watchers: reduce portion --- eat produce, limit fat Reviews of literature on dieting 1) short term studies 5-10% change 2) Lont term follow up (2-5 years) 14kg-------------3kg Dieting approaches doesn’t really work. Treatment: Behavior Modification ---Nutritional training aimed at the consumption of a balanced calorie diet ------Goal setting and daily monitoring of eating and physical activity. Behavioral Modification Stimulus control Expectation of reward----- Tv/working-- eating-- Reward Contingency contracting Weight loss-------- Rewards Pay a psychiatrist to help you lose weight…Get money back when you lose weight Exercise… Exercise and metabolism – with exercise you can speed up metabolic rate
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Healthy people 2010 objective At least 30 mintue of moderate activity 5 days per week, or 20 minutes of
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Unformatted text preview: vigorous activity 3 days a week--50% of people engage in the recommended amount of exercise per week. Moderate Exercise--- brisk walk, shooting baskets, golfing Vigorous exercise Race walking, jogging swimming jumping ropes Behavioral Modification Behavioral program + Motivational Interviewing (MI) MI- Explore ambivalence-Examine discrepancies between current behaviors and goals Drastic Methods Bariatic surgery: stomach reduced---Gastric banging: band around stomach Food will collect on the upper part of stomach. Hunger is diminished. Gastric bypass- reroute food Dangerous. Can involve surgeral complications. Cutting off top part of stomach to lower part of stomach. The top part of stomach by passes the lower part of stomach. Goes from stomach straight to the small intestine. Stomach is smaller....
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Obesity and health 5 - vigorous activity 3 days a week--50%...

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