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-1Max Haubold Washington Post This article analyzes the problem of raising minimum wage, as it pertains to the effectiveness in society, and how it can negatively impact the youth. Raising minimum wage seems to be good for people at a short sighted glance, however it is an outdated way of doing things and should be abolished. It can have detrimental effects on our country. The stance taken in the article is that continued use of minimum wage restrictions are outdated, and are not necessary now that we are 70 years out of the depression. The article claims that if we continue to increase minimum wage, drop out rates will increase, as students will find the lure of $8 an hour more appealing than long days in the classroom for “nothing”. They could be buying clothes and gadgets while students are
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Unformatted text preview: forced to do homework and get up early. The article also brings to light that most of the . 6% of American workers who earn minimum wage are not poor. Most of the people who work for minimum wage are part time employees in a side job or kids, who just do it for spending money. Officials claim wages must be raised to help people stay alive, while this is clearly not the case. I agree with the argument made in the article, and think that if someone is really worth more than they are being paid, they can find a job to pay them more. It is wrong to say that wages must be raised or people will die of starvation, because the facts clearly show that this is not the case....
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