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Max Haubold 2.2 AB Erin Allingham English 102 (2001, May 7). European Royalty: Belgium--Leopold II. Retrieved March 31, 2008, from Historical Boys' Royal Costume This article is from a costumes designer, and tries to describe the clothing Leopold and his family wore. This doesn’t seem like an article I would rely heavily on, but has a few interesting facts which could be mixed into my paper to give a fuller background of Leopold and his family. The article is written so a middle school student can read it, giving me the impression that I should double check any information I find within. (2007). Leopold II: Biography. Retrieved March 31, 2008, from Leopold II This article is extremely informative, giving cited information from several encyclopedias and other sources. I think this could be a great contribution to my paper, as all the information *seems* not to be opinionated. It includes more detail to Leopold’s life than any of the other sites I read. This will help my paper to include a detailed background to base my thesis
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