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2.3 - article I think it is ridiculous how they propose...

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-1 Max Haubold USA Today This article shows how the topic of minimum wage itself is being used as a toll in the Republican-Democrat war. It is not about how the proposition could be good or bad for our country, but rather how it will be used to get more people out to the voting booths, and how it can bring attention away from other issues. The article states some basic statistics regarding each states’ wage requirement, and also shows who will be supporting rises and who will not be. It’s stance is toward supporting the rise in minimum wage, and is obviously Democratic. The article highlights the last rise date being 10 years ago, and shows stats of “buying power at its lowest”. It also pointedly connects “Republican” with the veto more than 5 times throughout the
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Unformatted text preview: article. I think it is ridiculous how they propose this as a good idea. I am not referring to the minimum wage hike, but rather to the way it will be a “good idea” to get “progressive voters” to the polls. How can you be a “progressive voter” using a dead man’s cure for a situation 94% of us haven’t seen? As an unbiased opinion, it seems that this is like using Tiny Tim to rally support for Christmas. Many people will look at the proposal and say, “great thinking, give poor people more money”, however, people should not be paid more than they are worth. If you want more money, make yourself worth more, improve, be superior....
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