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Max Haubold English 101 11/28/2007 Robert E. Bryan Fellowship Proposal: In North Carolina, there is an increasing amount of elderly who have trouble in today’s world, which creates many problems. One of these problems is their inability to get out and get food. Although they have difficulty now, they still deserve help from those who can. One way to help these people would be to cook them a meal, once a week, to show that they are not fogotten. Many times, this is what it tkes to motivate elderly into helping themselves, and getting back out into the world instead of giving up. This program can help people in the area, and give back to those who have been active parts of the community for years. Many important steps must be taken to insure the success of this project. It will start by contacting churches, community organizations, and town function commitees, to get a group of people who are known to need help. This first stage is important because without an accurate number of people to serve, you will waste food or not have enough. The next step is to find supplies. This project will require various pots and pans, as well
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3.3 - Max Haubold English 101 Robert E Bryan Fellowship...

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