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eng 101 pg - important to the extent of impressing other...

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-1Max Haubold English 101 I think I first remember writing more than just answers and short paragraphs in 4 th grade, when we were assigned to write 3 paragraph short stories based on a prompt. I remember having a lot of fun doing these, as we would often share with the class, and in doing so, learned that rereading your work out loud can be invaluable. After this start, I have only really written essays and stories. I like fantasy books in general, I think because I have always enjoyed writing short stories. I like reading about other worlds which other people have created, and mentally compare them to those I can create myself. Brooks and Jordan are my favorite series writers. Of books, that is. I don’t keep and have never kept a journal, and am not much of a blogger. I think that writing can be
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Unformatted text preview: important, to the extent of impressing other people such as teachers, and possibly in the future speech writing. Grudgingly I admit that writing can improve skills that I may need, even if after college I never write another essay in my life. Like reading, the exposure to writing can positively impact my speaking ability, in ways such as business persuasion and professionalism. Admittedly I don’t really stride to become a better writer, per se, however as I stated before, the “side effects” of doing so drive me to absorb all that I can out of such instruction. Thus, I believe that subsequent unknown skills may happen upon me entirely by chance which will help me later....
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