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Essay1 - Max Haubold RA Selection Essay 1 The world is made...

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Max Haubold RA Selection Essay 1 The world is made up of a variance of different people, all of whom rely on others to help keep spinning what we walk on today. As an RA, it is important to be the center spindle of the centrifuge of an environment called the college dormitory. Though it may be shaven here and nicked there, it is done so that the tubes of students continue to spin at their optimum. Without the spindle, there would be little to no motion, and eventually the system would collapse. Realizing this, the RA must remain constant, only adjusting to keep the flow going, or improve its course; else the particles within the tubes should come out of place. Both internally, and with each other, these individuals could breakdown due to the high stress environment created by the spinning world. An RA must be even and consistent, as well as reliable, and above all, a safety net for the spinning heads on the tabletop.
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