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essay2 - Max Haubold RA Selection Essay 2 Throughout my...

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Unformatted text preview: Max Haubold RA Selection Essay 2 Throughout my experiences I have developed many skills which I am proud of. It is very difficult to say which I am the strongest in, so I will choose those which are most easily proven to one who has not met me. These three being responsibility, woo, and achiever. I believe it would be superfluous to break down accomplishments based on the strength used to achieve them. Anything worthy of being called an achievement is made with many different talents. Saying this, everything I have done has been with these three, and is prominent throughout. Although I am the “young” age of 18, I have completed many worthy goals. I have run my own business, comprised of 5 employees, thousands of dollars worth of equipment (paid for out of the business’ bank account), and over 30 employment contracts. It began with snow shoveling around the neighborhood, where I thought I could make it more. By paying my friends by the hour, rather than by the job, I could create a bank account for the...
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