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prospectus 2

prospectus 2 - decision one way or another would say sure...

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-1Max Haubold Minimum Wage Minimum wage has been a controversial debate for almost it’s entire existence. Summarily, there are two sides to the issue, positive and negative. Should Minimum wage be increased? Is it even a necessity today or should it stay the same? The issue poses many problems, and I think it would be interesting to find out how it is put out through the media. Minimum wage affects many people, but statistics show that only about 6% of the population would benefit. Why is this even a split topic then? The vote should be decidedly against it then, which is why I need to get to the bottom of the problem! It seems, through my limited research so far, that it is used as a tool for candidates to bring in support, and a tool to bring voters to the voting booths. People totally unaffected by a
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Unformatted text preview: decision one way or another would say, sure, help them out. Some articles bring to light the fact that this could bring rises in prices, and really don’t help people “survive”, but more so help high school kids have an extra dollar per hour. Other articles say it would actually help the economy. I think that people are paid what they are worth. If you make yourself worth more, a good employer will pay extra to have an honest hardworking person. I think that if you don’t really care about a “job”, and could care less if it goes or stays, that is what you should be paid. To instate a higher minimum wage says that all jobs are worth the same amount, and all unskilled workers are worth the same amount....
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