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Max Haubold English 102 MWF 8am Erin Allingham Summaries Montezuma’s Revenge - The origins of syphilis have remained a mystery for hundreds of years, and have become the study of researchers today. This article provides a detailed hypothesis insinuating that it could have been brought back to Europe through Christopher Columbus' many journeys to and from the new world. Included are details of data collected, from all around the world, that show how syphilis is today’s form of what was once non-venereal “Yaws”. Going by the Book
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Unformatted text preview: - A recent study has found that 4 types of drug addiction are linked to 5 genetic pathways. The study has collaborated over 1000genetic studies to come to this conclusion. This shows that genetics are part of addictions, and why it is hard to get free once addicted. The Nature of Nurture- A study by Caspi and Moffitt has solidified the previous possibility that breastfed children are more intelligent than those who were not. The C version of the gene FADS2 is shown to promote intelligence in babies who are breastfed....
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