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rec1 - terrorizing of the freedmen which also seems most...

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Max Haubold Recitation #1 After reading the different interpretations, I am most inclined to believe Thomas A. Baliey's account. It is probable that most freedmen at the time were not very educated, as he asserts in his passage. Also, he tells of the problems in the southern states with new legislatures. They are believable, because choas would seem inherent to a situation with such turbulence. He also descibes the
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Unformatted text preview: terrorizing of the freedmen, which also seems most plausible. In comparison to our lectures, this seems fairly in line. We did not discuss how freed people became educated, but both lecture and this account confirm the new legislature, how short it was, problems therein, as well as the terrorizing of blacks (though not in this detail....
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