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Douglas (Max) Haubold Extra Credit Paper #1 PID- 713728358 9/02/09 Review of: “Study finds people who multitask often bad at it” The article from “Psychology in the News” entitled “Study finds people who multitask often bad at it” is the epitome of space filler. As many educated people know, the basis for persuasion lies many times within the framing of an argument. In this case, the article asserts many things through underlying connotations which form an artificial and overpowering opinion. With only basic description of actual testing methods, the article curtly presents the “findings”. While this may be sufficient for a study inclusive of tangible data, I feel that this field calls for more. Referencing a specific example, the processing of blue and red rectangles “derived” a deficiency among good multitaskers. Here, the scientists defined the attention paid to both blue and red rectangles as lacking, though by definition should this not be the case? Possibly then, the issue these researchers have is with the word multitask. A definition
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