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Max Haubold Extra Credit 5 10/06/2009 HCZ.org is the Harlem Children’s Zone. It is an agency which has a truancy prevention program. It is a social service “experiment”, which aims to strengthen the community of Harlem, through building up the youth. Some of the special features of the plan include “Baby College”, which is the education of parents with children ages 0-3. By introducing parents to this learning service, it helps to ensure that children will start of on the right foot. From there, the “Harlem Gems” project takes pre-kindergarten children, and with a 4:1 child to adult ratio, teaches English, Spanish, and French. It is an all-day program running from 8am until 6pm. There are several other unique branches of the program. The TRUCE Fitness and Nutrition Center teaches kids karate, fitness, and dance, as well as proper health and nutrition. The “A Cut Above” program is an after school program providing academic help, leadership development, and high-school/college preparation. The TRUCE Arts and Media program fosters
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