psyc 3 - Max Haubold Assignment #3 Introduction When...

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Unformatted text preview: Max Haubold Assignment #3 Introduction When communicating, most think solely of verbal and written channels while other social cues remain at the way side. Mason, Tatkow, and Macrae delve into another communication channel, that of social attention. In their study, they theorize that gaze cues can affect the perceived likeability by an onlooker. In a study of 43 undergraduates at Dartmouth College, they have found that attention-toward relaying pictures elicit a report of higher likeability by participants. The experiment was broken down into a 2 x 2 design. In this quasi-experimental method, the participants were either male or female, and were either shown attention-toward or attention- away pictures. The participants were shown 38 female faces, of which could be attention away or toward (pictures shifted gaze to or from participant). After each picture, the participant was asked to rate the “likeability” of the picture on a scale of one to five. After averaging across genders for each participant, the results showed that ratings of likeability were elevated when social attention...
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psyc 3 - Max Haubold Assignment #3 Introduction When...

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