Personal Narrative - Not good enough

Personal Narrative - Not good enough - Kelly Fung October,...

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Kelly Fung October, 18, 2011 2:00 pm Personal Narrative Essay – Not good enough Screech! The private bus came to a stop and I immediately hopped off. After six long hours of tedious schoolwork, I was finally home. “Second grade stinks!” I thought. Stomping towards the ivory white gate, my feet felt like they weighed 300 pounds! Indeed, it was undoubtedly the worst day of my life due to the fact that I had failed miserably on my arithmetic test. Furthermore, a group of loquacious delinquents decided to ignore the gym teacher when he had asked them politely to quiet down. He finally lost his temper and demanded that we run a mile around the football field in the scorching sun. As I approached the entrance to my one-story house, I rummaged through my heavy backpack for my keys. I closed my eyes and heaved a big sigh before I finally decided to unlock the door because I realized that there was someone who had been eagerly waiting for my return. “Big sister, you’re home!” Marvin exclaimed. He dashed awkwardly toward me as fast as his legs could take him. I spread my arms open as he tackled me with a hug. Marvin, my little brother, was two years-old. He was tinier than most kids his age and he had only started walking about 2 months ago. Despite the fact that we were five years apart, we were closer than Artemis and Apollo, the twin siblings. “Let’s go play outside! I want to ride the bike today,” he plead. I agreed without a second thought and Marvin’s smile brightened in a flash of lightning. However, we had to first take a small detour through the kitchen to find grandma.
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Personal Narrative - Not good enough - Kelly Fung October,...

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