StudyGuide3 - Study Guide for Midterm 3 Exam procedures Sit...

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Exam procedures Sit in assigned row, as for previous midterms. As before, a seating chart will be displayed on the screen when you enter the room. A person-by-person list of row assignments will be posted on the wall by the door. Photo-ID required. Closed book, closed notes. No calculators, cell-phones, etc. Review Sessions Same times and places as for previous midterms (go to either one) 6PM on Monday April 6, in Giltner 146. 8PM on Tuesday April 7, in BPS 1410. What to Know You should know about all of the things I have discussed in class. This study guide just gives some of the high points. Study your lecture notes first, then use your textbook to help you understand your notes. Contrary to what it used to say in the reading schedule, we will not get to “Our Galaxy (the Milky Way) [14.1, 14.2, 14.3]” until after the midterm. There will some questions similar to those on the homework assignments. Some general ideas that you should understand: What is the energy source of the Sun? Of other stars? How do we know what goes on inside of the Sun and other stars? In what ways do stars change during their lifetimes? What simple fact means that they must evolve (i.e. change their interior structure)? You should know what the H-R diagram shows, and why it is such an important tool in astronomy. How do you find the age of a star cluster? What is the basic principle? What are the three possible end states of a star’s life? What determines which end state befalls a particular star? The basic ideas of General Relativity, and the tests that show that General Relativity describes gravity better than does Newton’s Law of Gravity.
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StudyGuide3 - Study Guide for Midterm 3 Exam procedures Sit...

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