webwork 11.4 - Nicholas Charles Miller MTH 133 KURTZ...

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Nicholas Charles Miller MTH 133 KURTZ 133.007 WeBWorK assignment number 11.4 is due : 04/05/2010 at 06:00am EDT. IMPORTANT: Look for orange-colored text written above the online list of homework problems for this set to tell you whether the due date for 100-percent credit on correct answers is actually prior to the due date given above (i.e., if the due date given above includes a reduced-credit grace period). For help on any of these problems, please consult the MTH 133 WeBWorK Forum or start a new thread with your questions. The primary purpose of WeBWorK is to let you know that you are getting the correct answer or to alert you if you are making some kind of mistake. Usually you can attempt a problem as many times as you want before the due date. However, if you are having trouble figuring out your error, you should consult the book, go to the Math Learning Center, or ask a fellow student, one of the TA’s or your professor for help. Don’t spend a lot of time guessing – it’s not very efficient or effective. Do not give decimal answers. Instead use fractions, pi, sqrt(2), etc. . For most problems when entering numerical answers, you can if you wish enter elementary expressions such as 2 3 instead of 8, sin ( 3 * π / 2 ) instead of ( - 1 ) , e ln ( 2 ) instead of 2 , etc. Here’s the list of the functions which WeBWorK understands. 1. (1 pt) Each of the following statements is an attempt to show that a given series is convergent or divergent using the Direct Comparison Test (NOT the Limit Comparison Test.) For each statement, enter C (for ”correct”) if the argument is valid, or enter I (for ”incorrect”) if any part of the argument is flawed. (Note: if the conclusion is true but the argument that led to it
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webwork 11.4 - Nicholas Charles Miller MTH 133 KURTZ...

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