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Nicholas Charles Miller - PHY183, Spring 2010 - Physics for Scientists and Engineers I 1 Homework Set 9 Due date: Sun Apr 4 23:59:00 2010 Astronomers have discovered a dwarf planet called Sedna. While the distance of Sedna from the Sun is not known precisely yet, we assume that the distance is 1.86 · 10 10 km. How many years does it take for Sedna to complete one orbit around the Sun? (Hint: The distance from the Earth to the Sun is 149.6 million km.) Tries 0/99 A block is dropped from a height of 7000 km above Earth’s surface. Neglecting Earth’s rotation and neglecting air resistance, what is the velocity of the block when it strikes the surface? DATA: R earth = 6 . 38 × 10 6 m. Tries 0/99 Assume that planet Atlantis is a uniform sphere with mass 7.70x 10 24 kg and radius 7.50x 10 6 m. We dig a narrow, radial tunnel through the center of Atlantis. We release a 6.90 kg mass at the entrance to the tunnel. What is the speed of the mass when it reaches the center of Atlantis? Atlantis has no atmosphere. Tries 0/99 The Kuiper Belt is a collection of icy asteroids just beyond Neptune, reaching out to a distance of about 50 AU (AU = 1 astronomical unit = mean distance between Earth and Sun = 149.6 million km). Suppose we were to detect an asteroid with an orbital radius of 39.23 AU in the Kuiper belt, how many years would it take for this asteroid to orbit the Sun? Tries 0/99 The escape velocity of a bullet from the surface of planet Y is 1567.0 m/s. Calculate the escape velocity from the surface of the planet X if the mass of planet X is 1.23 times that of Y, and its radius is 0.807 times the radius of Y.
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CAPA IX - Nicholas Charles Miller - PHY183, Spring 2010 -...

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