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ECE 305 EXAM 2 Monday, March 21, 2011 11:30-12:20 C132 Holden *** Review Session: Sunday 3/20, 7:00 p.m. - 2219 EB *** This exam is closed notes/closed book. Be sure to bring a calculator. The formula sheets in the course pack will be supplied with the exam. Please do NOT write on these sheets. They will be collected and used on the next exam. Be sure that you know simple integrals that are not on the formula sheet, such as sin( ) ax dx , cos( ) ax dx , n x dx , ax e dx , etc. You will write directly on the exam sheets. If you are doing the problems correctly, you will not need extra paper. The exam covers through stored energy (page 109 of the notes) and problem sets 3-4. It does NOT cover capacitance. Problems will be very similar to homework problems, example problems in the notes, and problems on the sample exam. There will be four problems. Each will count 8 points, even though some problems may be longer than others. Each problem is "computational" (no true/false, matching, etc.)
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