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Study Guide Ex1 Wk3

Study Guide Ex1 Wk3 - 21 st century 10 List the reasons for...

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Study Guide for Exam 1 (part 2: Week 3: Gender and Migration) I . Questions from Lectures A. Key Terms 1. Migration 2. Sex Ratio 3. Anorexia 4. Female infanticide 5. Dowry 6. Cultural relativism 7. Ethnocentrism 8. Social Networks 9. Social capital 10. Female genocide 11. Sex ratio 12. Transnational migration 13. Remittances 14. Internal migration 15. International migration 16. Circular migration 17. Diaspora 18. Refugee 19. Female-headed households B. General Questions: 1. Why is anorexia prevalent in Brazil? 2.What are the symptoms of anorexia? 3. What countries have the lowest and highest ratio on women to men? 4. In what countries do women have a shorter life spam than men? 5. What country does have the highest rate of female infanticide? 6. List the reasons that contribute to female infanticide. 7. Why is the dowry system still prevalent in India? 8. Where does migration supposedly originated? 9. How many people lived outside of their birth countries at the beginning of the
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Unformatted text preview: 21 st century? 10. List the reasons for people to migrate. 11. Explain the impact migration has upon women. II. Questions from Readings: 1. Discuss the role of social networks among migrants. 2. Discuss the impact of war and displacement upon Somali women. 3. Why do young women migrate to urban areas? 4. What being “a good daughter”, and a “modern woman” have to do with migration? 5. What is the role of daughters in Thailand’s society? 6. Why is independent migration by women from poor to rich countries increasing? 7. How is technology affecting both sex ratios and migrant remittances? III. Questions from Documentary: Salsa in Japan 1. Why do Latin Americans migrate to Japan? 2. List some of the cultural differences between Japanese and Latin Americans. 3. What are the origins of salsa music? 4. Why Japanese like salsa? 5. What role does salsa music play among Latin American immigrants in Japan?...
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Study Guide Ex1 Wk3 - 21 st century 10 List the reasons for...

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