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Archaeology is the study of the past human behavior through its material products and material precedents and the study of relationships between human behavior and the material world The subject matter of archaeology is the material producgts and precedents of human behavior Products: any man-made modified or made by humans Precedents: anything that influences human behaviors ex. Materials Archaeology in the USA is part of anthropology Anthropology is the study of humanity in its broadest sense Anthropology teacher that all people share common humanity Anthropology’s goal is to study, describe, understand, and explain human variation Culture is learned behavior (not in biology) and is shared by a group and is the primary means of adaptation to our environments and is a system of interrelated parts (economics, technology, religion, language, politics) 4 subfields of anthropology: Biology – Human evolution/variation
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Unformatted text preview: Archeology – people in past, relationship of human behavior and materials Linguistics – language/communication Culture – present day people Goals of archeology: construct culture histories, reconstruct past lifestyles (figure out how people lived in the past), explain culture changes (determine why changes did or didn’t happen), give voice to voiceless (people ignored by written history) Artifact: any object made or modified by human beings Feature: non-moveable object or group of objects made by humans Site: a specific clustering of artifacts and/or features Material culture: that part of culture containing material products Association: relationship of artifacts from one site to another Context: culturally significant associations of an artifact The archeological record: all the information required for archeological research...
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