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Notes 9-29-10 - carbonized b#4 Make excavation replicable...

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9/29/10 1. Five rules of excavation a. #3: Go to area or site that is best for addressing the research question(s) a.i. Where behaviors relevant to your research question occurred (or where you think they occurred) a.ii. Where preservation conditions will allow recovery of relevant data a.iii. Preservation (decay) a.iii.1. Organic materials preserve better when charred or
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Unformatted text preview: carbonized b. #4: Make excavation replicable and verifiable b.i. Don’t excavate all of the site b.ii. Excavate so that what you find and where you found it can be reconstructed b.iii. Make accurate, 3-D measurements of the locations of every significant find c. #5: Carefully consider sampling c.i....
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