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1. Cave paintings a. Function: sympathetic magic a.i. Hunting a.ii. Fertility b. Rites of passage b.i. Animal totems b.ii. Death and rebirth c. Shamanistic practice c.i. Trancing c.ii. Animal spirits d. Spatial marking 2. Summary: Upper Paleolithic in Western Eurasia a. Elaborate material culture b. Substantial, semi-permanent swellings c. Possible social hierarchies d. Stylistic boundaries e. Accelerated technological change (rapid succession of styles) f. Non-utilitarian “art” g. Spatial marking h. What does it mean? h.i. Progress h.ii. Big step toward modernity h.iii.
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Unformatted text preview: “The crown of Paleolithic achievement” h.iv. They are us h.v. European superiority 3. Crash cycles in the upper Paleolithic of periglacial Europe a. “Periglacial” = the areas around the margins of the glacial areas b. Tundra – no trees, large grazing animals (caribou, mammoth, etc.) c. Edge of forest and tundra c.i. Best for hunters c.ii. Diverse environment c.iii. Tundra = animals, forest = gatherer resources d. End of Pleistocene = tundra disappearing, forest taking over...
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