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1. Cave paintings a. Function: sympathetic magic a.i. Hunting a.ii. Fertility b. Rites of passage b.i. Animal totems b.ii. Death and rebirth c. Shamanistic practice c.i. Trancing c.ii. Animal spirits d. Spatial marking 2. Summary: Upper Paleolithic in Western Eurasia a. Elaborate material culture b. Substantial, semi-permanent swellings c. Possible social hierarchies d. Stylistic boundaries e. Accelerated technological change (rapid succession of styles) f. Non-utilitarian “art” g. Spatial marking h. What does it mean? h.i. Progress h.ii. Big step toward modernity h.iii.
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Unformatted text preview: The crown of Paleolithic achievement h.iv. They are us h.v. European superiority 3. Crash cycles in the upper Paleolithic of periglacial Europe a. Periglacial = the areas around the margins of the glacial areas b. Tundra no trees, large grazing animals (caribou, mammoth, etc.) c. Edge of forest and tundra c.i. Best for hunters c.ii. Diverse environment c.iii. Tundra = animals, forest = gatherer resources d. End of Pleistocene = tundra disappearing, forest taking over...
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